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Why do companies use pneumatic delivey systems:

  • cost-saving (pneumatic post is delivered with 6-8m/s!)
  • security (pneumatic delivery systems transport almost everything: cash, checks, documents, dangerous goods)
  • shorter production cycles (important probes are transported automatically, fast and secure)
  • easy integraction in existing buildings

With the help of a pneumatic delivery system routes can be reduced and therefore your employees can be leveraged more efficiently. Just think about how often and how long your employee is on the way with a document from office A to office B. You can easily calculate the cost-saving:

W = how often has the way to be gone
Z = needed time in minutes
60 = transformation factor from minutes to hours


For a 10-minute path 30 times a day to deliver documents, probes etc. from office A to offic B the resulting cost-saving is:
30*10/60=5 hours/working day * 250 working days/year = 12.500 hours per year!


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