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When do I need a pneumatic delivery system?

Unfortunately the "paperless" office does not exist until yet! With the help of a pneumatic delivery system routes can be reduced and therefor your employees can be leveraged more efficiently. Just calculate how often and how long your employee is on the way with a document from office A to office B. You will quickly recognize that the transport of these documents can be done with one of our systems much more cost efficient.

W = how often has the way to be gone
Z = needed time in minutes
60 = transformation factor from minutes to hours


For  which size of the company is a pneumatic delivery useful?

The size of the company is irrelevant, only the need is deciding. There are pneumatic delivery systems ranging from the smallest point-to-point system, where two terminals in two different floors are connected, up to really huge systems like they are needed in hospitals. 100 terminals or more are standard. For example the university hospital in Innsbruck (Austria) has 280 terminals.

What are the application areas?

Everywhere where original documents, or documents which you only have in analog form, have to be transported. Also the documents from your empoyees from different department can easily be sent to the accounting department without interrupting work. But not only documents can be sent quickly and easily, also quite different materials, like blood probes, tissue probes, goods, hot steel probes and so on. 

Are there special requirements to the building to install a pneumatic delivery?

In a new building the pneumatic delivery system can be planned in advance and needed wall or ceiling cut-outs can be mentioned during construction. For existing premises we are able to create wall- and ceiling cut-outs quickly and proper with special core drillings. We also install and accredit the essential fire protection. Extern buildings are connected with pipelines passed underground.

How does a pneumatic delivery work?

The dispatch cases, box, is transported through the tubes in a choosen direction by either vacuum air or compressed air. On branching points e.g. to other buildings there are bypasses built in. By choosing an addressee-number on the terminals display, the box is, mircoprocessor controlled, transported to the choosen partner. If one terminal serves many partnerns, everyone can be informed of the arrival of his box by optical or acoustical signals or by email.

What voltage is necessary to run the system?

A power outlet of 230V is necessary to build the system and a 380V power outlet for the fan. The wire for the terminals and bypasses are passed with the tube and we don't need an electrician for this work. We produce the needed voltage of 30V with a mains adapter which we bring along.

Why should you choose our company GEROF Rohrpost und Sicherheitstechnik GmbH?

Because we are working in this application field since 1980 and we are able to work out a special concept fitting your requirements with a background of 20 years experience. The cost-profit relation is always in our mind, and we bank on flexible, fast and proper installation and we certainly provide extensive customer service.

What's about the safety engineering?

We also sell video surveillance systems, fire detector systems, door and barrier systems, burglar alarms, and special access and automation solutions.

How can I perceive more information?

Please send us your questions: info@gerof.com.


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